Going Ductless: How to Go Ductless with Mini Splits

Go Ductless with Mini Splits from Crandall Heating & Air

Traditional HVAC Systems

When it comes to HVAC, your first thought is likely an AC/Furnace combination or a Heat Pump to heat and cool your home. We’re all decently familiar with your traditional HVAC systems. You have your AC unit outside, working hard in the summer to keep your home cool. You have your furnace in the basement heating your home in the winter so you can stave off the icicles. Going ductless is gaining in consumer’s eyes, but doesn’t outrank your traditional HVAC solutions. 


Cons to Traditional HVAC Systems

While traditional systems are timeless and understood by most homeowners, there are a few downsides to installing traditional HVAC systems.

  • Expense

    • Installing a new traditional system can incur quite the expense. With current supply and demand in combination with overall price increases, having a brand-new system installed is a hefty investment in your home.
  • Zoning

    • A traditional HVAC system will heat and cool your entire home. Have you ever experienced walking to a different room and feeling the temperature change?
    • It all depends on where your thermostat is located. If your thermostat is in a colder than normal room, your HVAC system will work overtime to heat up the house – leaving other rooms extra toasty (sometimes even uncomfortably warm).
  • Energy Efficiency

    • We are living in the age of energy efficiency. The phasing out of old products, the incentive programs, and more are pushing for homeowners to be as energy efficient as possible.
    • While traditional HVAC systems are getting better at having more efficient options, it can still be struggle due to the zoning, mentioned above. Systems can utilize loads of energy heating or cooling your home. And when zoning is out of balance, or perhaps there are some leaks, the energy bill will be high, and the efficiency rating will be very low.


What does it mean to Go Ductless?

Alright, so we know traditional systems are great, but not always the best option when it comes to zoning, efficiency, and cost. What other options are there? It might be time to go ductless with a Mini Split System!

A Mini Split System is simply an HVAC system that is installed without utilizing any ductwork.


Pros to Going Ductless

There are a couple of awesome benefits to installing a Mini Split Ductless HVAC System in your home.

  • Expense

    • Compared to the traditional HVAC systems of old, Mini Splits are much less expensive to buy and install. Not only is there less overall equipment, as there’s no ductwork involved, Mini Split installation is a much quicker process.
    • Mini Splits are also considerably easier to clean and maintain, therefore, doesn’t cost as much to have regularly serviced.
  • Zoning

    • Likely one of my favorite pieces to using Mini Splits is the ability to zone. With different registers controlling different portions of your home, you can maintain a solid home temperature. Additionally, when a certain room or area of the house is unused, not utilizing that register can save you money.
    • As Mini Splits are controlled by Wi-Fi and remote controls, gone away are the thermostats of old.
  • Energy Efficiency

    • Due to the zoning capabilities of Mini Splits, you can decrease your energy bills by not utilizing your HVAC system when necessary. Do you have a guest room that stays empty and no longer in use? Turn the HVAC in that room down and not have it clutter the AC in the rest of the house.
  • Appearance

    • Finally, the Mini Splits are visually appealing. The smaller indoor units are hardly noticeable and with such a low noise output, you barely even remember the units are inside your home. The outdoor unit will also be smaller than most of your traditional outdoor HVAC units.
    • With the lack of ductwork, handling unpleasant sights of dirty ducts is a thing of the past.

Whether you’re building a new home, or just looking for some replacement HVAC, going ductless with a Mini Split System is a great place to start!

Call Crandall Heating & Air today to schedule your quote call and see how Mini Splits can increase your home comfort and give your wallet a break!

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