Did your AC just cut off?  Is the system not working at all? Have you looked at the air conditioner’s drain pan?

Is it full of water?

This may be the root of your problem.  Here in the upstate of South Carolina we have high humidity levels, and this summer has been a hot one.  This is when we tend to see problems like this arise.  There are several issues that might cause the water to fill in your pan.  Regardless which one, it should be addressed as quickly as possible.  So, if you see water building up in your air conditioner, you should give us a call as soon as possible for a quick and efficient AC repair that will get you back up and running with AC and keep you from having a potential disaster with water leakage.  The following are some of the main culprits to causing these issues.

Regardless of the issue, the message is never leave water standing around your air conditioner. If you see water building up or have a problem with water in your air conditioner’s drain pan, call Crandall Heating & Air Inc. at 864-289-0805 or email us at crandallhvacoffice@gmail.com or visit our website today at www.crandallheatingandair.com.

Need AC repair? Is your air-conditioner out?