Why You Should Have an Annual Service Plan!

outdoor hvac equipment on annual service plan

Why You Should Have an Annual Service Plan!

Homeownership is a big deal. You have many aspect to caring for your home and dealing with your HVAC is a big part of your home comfort. Having to replace bad equipment when it should have lasted much longer is one of the worst parts of homeownership. Was there anything you could have done to save yourself thousands of dollars? How can you avoid this happening again? You want to be proactive in caring for your HVAC equipment but don’t know how to go about doing that. Signing onto an Annual Service Plan can help to proactively care for your equipment, lengthening its life, and maintain your family’s home comfort.

What is an Annual Service Plan?

An Annual Service Plan is an easy way to alleviate some of the worries that can come along with being a homeowner. Having a plan can put your mind at ease, knowing you are taking action to care for the comfort of you and your family in your home. The best part about a service plan is that it’s straightforward and easy to understand. Here are the basics:

  • Twice a year
  • General cleaning of equipment
  • Coil cleaning once in that year
  • Changing/cleaning air filters and ensuring lines are clear

This provides an overall cleaning to your equipment. The visits tend to coincide with the seasons, ensuring your AC is in proper working order before the summer season, and your Furnace is properly functioning before the winter season.

What’s the Purpose of an Annual Service Plan?

The details about what the plan entails are good, but the purpose of maintaining an Annual Service Plan is far greater to note as a homeowner. Here are a few reasons why having an Annual Plan is a good idea.

  • Equipment presentation
  • Equipment functionality
  • Lowered energy/gas costs

Let’s explore these reasons for just a moment. As a homeowner, you want your home to reflect yourself. Being clean and presentable is a pride that many homeowners take great joy in. While your HVAC equipment might not be your front lawn’s masterpiece, it still constitutes your home’s overall atmosphere. Presenting your well-maintained and clean home is a pride that an Annual Service Plan can help you accomplish.

On top of looking sharp, you want your equipment to function properly. A beautiful sepulcher is still a sepulcher. You need your equipment to not only look nice and clean, but you need it to work and do its job. When the weather is hot, you want cold air in your home; when it’s cold, you want heat. 

Without a good cleaning each year, the coils and other parts can get clogged, stopped, fried, frazzled, and the like. If that happens, your equipment will either stop functioning or will work excessively to make up for the damage that’s being done and cost you lots of money in the long run.

Which leads to our third purpose of saving you money. Being a homeowner is expensive enough. Paying high gas and electricity bills is one of the least favorite things you can do in your home. Through proper care and cleaning, your HVAC equipment can work at it’s highest SEER potential as well as function appropriately. 

By not running endlessly, your system won’t rack up your energy bills and you can have that peace of mind. You can also be eligible for savings with Duke Power by being as energy efficient as possible. Call Crandall HVAC today for more information.

What are the Benefits to Having an Annual Service Plan?

Now you know what a plan is and the reasons you should sign up for one. Let’s wrap it all up with the benefits of signing onto an Annual Service Plan.

First, an Annual Service Plan is often required for a valid warranty. Many HVAC brands and companies require regular service performed on the equipment by a licensed technician in order to uphold their warranty policies. By properly servicing your HVAC equipment, replacements are less likely to be needed as the equipment is cared for and lasts a long time.

For this reason, we love utilizing Coleman HVAC products as they come with some of the best warranties around. When you look to replace your old AC system, not only can you finance the equipment, but you can finance a bundled option to have a 10-year parts and labor warranty as well as an Annual Service Plan. For more details, call Crandall Heating & Air at 864-289-0805.

Second, an Annual Service Plan is proactive care that can save you money and prevent problems from arising. Staying on top of your HVAC equipment care, you can take care of any issues quickly, and often before it becomes too expensive, as well as present issues from potentially arising.

Third, an Annual Service Plan creates a good relationship with your HVAC company, allowing you to be on a first-name basis with your technician. This relationship puts you on the top of the priority list, keeping your home and family cared for. Knowing your technician and office staff by name, you become a part of the Crandall family, and rest assured, we take good care of our family.

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