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The Best Residential AC Services in Greenville

Protect your indoor comfort by requesting the top AC services near you with Crandall. For over fifty years, we have become dedicated to keeping your family cool during the sweltering summers. Our Professional HVAC contractors provide the best cooling services in Greenville, including AC installation, AC replacement, and AC repair services. Rely on us for all your cooling needs when you need your AC. Partner with us to 
  • Increase your overall indoor comfort
  • Increase your AC performance 
  • Lower your utility bills,
  • Recieve excellent communication and care.
  • Provide the best HVAC services in Greenville.
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Greenville’s most trusted HVAC Experts,

Crandall Heating & Air Inc., specializes in all aspects of residential AC services. AC installation services have the greatest impact on a system’s efficiency and performance. 

It starts with choosing the right system, and we offer several top brands as well as crucial insights on what to choose and why. Designing the system is also critical to success; our HVAC experts have tremendous experience and knowledge in this area. 

With details of an AC installation determined ahead of time, our experienced technicians get the work completed quickly, correctly, and with as much economy as possible. If financing options might help, check out our Financing page for details.

Why Work With Crandall?

Benefits of Our Services

Why You Should Request Annual Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner

A well-maintained HVAC system will work more efficiently. High-efficiency AC units will perform better while saving you money. A well-oiled machine will perform at its best.

When you make many repairs on an HVAC system, you may feel like you could have used that money for so much more. You can avoid costly repairs by tuning up your HVAC system and catching early damages. Small damage is much less expensive than a large one. Ignore damages will grow over time until they cost you more than you want.

You need your AC system the most during an emergency. During extreme temperatures, a neglected AC unit may break down. A home without cooling during the summer is uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous. Keep you and your family safe this summer with Crandall’s cooling services.

Well-maintained systems can live much longer lives than an ignored system. A system can last up to 20 years with the proper care. Annual maintenance means your HVAC system is getting the care it needs to work at its top performance for many years.

A dirty and malfunctioning AC unit won’t be able to produce quality air. Neglected HVAC systems fill up with dust, grime, and other debris. These neglected systems produce horrible air quality.

It’s crucial that you have satisfactory air quality to avoid health problems. Low air quality is one of the leading causes of respiratory illnesses. Protect yourself and your air quality with routine maintenance.

Need the Best AC Repair Near You in Greenville?

When you need air conditioner repairs done, call the experts at Crandall Heating & Air. We’ve served Greenville, SC, and the surrounding area for decades, and our trusted repair services have won us many loyal customers. 

Complete air conditioning repair near you includes maintenance, tune-ups, and repairs. We are locally owned and operated, and absolute customer satisfaction is a priority. The expert technicians at Crandall providing residential AC repair services all possess the expertise to quickly get AC repair jobs done. 

We always strive to provide services that help to ensure ongoing efficiency and streamlined performance of our customers’ AC systems. We deliver the most trusted residential AC repair services in your area. Call us today 

Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer financing options, subject to approved credit. Home repairs can come at the most inconvenient times. When you do have an HVAC emergency, our financing options may help you with the expenses.

We also offer to finance for new units. We know that you want to buy the best equipment for your system. However, buying at the top of the market is a huge investment.  

Our financing options will allow you to experience the best comfort today and pay for it over time. Fill out our online form to see if you qualify today.

We want to ensure you have all the assistance you need to treat your HVAC system with care. Partner with us to get the best equipment and installation services without the cost.

You’ll be able to quickly tell that your AC isn’t working if you have trouble getting cold air; other signs of a malfunctioning AC system include:

  • The HVAC system smells strange.
  • The system is making concerning noises
  • Short cycling, or failure to start the cycle.
  • Issues with air quality

If your AC is damaged, don’t ignore it. Your AC may be working for now, but ignoring the damage will only worsen its condition. Eventually, your system will break down. Don’t wait until it becomes irreparable! Get scheduled for AC maintenance with our experts.

We offer residential HVAC services for all kinds of brands and models of AC units. We do ductless and traditional cooling systems. We also offer services for ductwork, boilers, and furnaces. 

Call us to consult with one of our experts and decide the best strategy for your cooling system. Your home is unique, and we want to offer a personalized plan you can rely on.

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