Why Use Coleman Products For Your HVAC?

Here at Crandall Heating & Air, we love utilizing Coleman products for our customer’s HVAC needs.

Coleman has an assortment of efficient central air conditioners, as well as some less-efficient options for customers on a budget. The brand has a very competitive warranty and builds durable air conditioners.


Coleman History

William Coffin Coleman started selling lanterns and camp stoves as a young man. After a few years of success, he founded Coleman in 1900. During the Great Depression, he began producing floor furnaces and oil space heaters. He even produced portable stoves which became very popular and went to war with those in World War 2. In 1958, Coleman officially got into the heating and air conditioning business and built it into what it’s become known as today. In 1990, Coleman was purchased by Johnson Controls Unitary Division which is the same company that owns York. And before you ask, yes, the Coleman name is synonymous with the camping products company. Today, Coleman is under the Johnson Controls umbrella of top tier products in the HVAC industry.

What Are the Benefits of Utilizing Coleman HVAC Products?

Coleman products are some of the best when you are considering installing new equipment in your home, rental, or business. There are several features that make Coleman HVAC products top of the line and our favorite.

Coleman Air Conditioners offers models from 13 SEER up to 20 SEER for top-of-the-line model air conditioners. They are also durable and built to last a long time, with powder-painted steel and slotted inlet coil guards that protect the inner components from the elements. Coleman AC units create about 70.2 decibels of noise, which makes Coleman one of the quietest brands on the market.

Some typical 14 SEER 3-ton unit includes some features like:

  • High efficiency microchannel aluminum
  • Stamped steel coil guard for coil protection
  • High pressure relief valve,
  • Temperature sensor & high-pressure switch for compressor protection
  • Factory installed liquid line filter-drier
  • Top discharge
  • Low operating sound levels

Not only are they amazing products in all the specs, but Johnson Controls is an amazing company to work with. They provide support, programs, and many business resources for everyone who works with them.

Coleman products have an amazing 10-Year Parts & Labor Warranty available. Some Coleman units, such as those in the Echelon series, have lifetime warranties. Still, 10 years is very respectable. This warranty is contingent on registering your unit, which you have 90 days after installation to do – this is a month longer than most companies allow. When working with Crandall Heating & Air, we ensure all warranties are registered in an appropriate time frame – you don’t have to do anything on your end. Unregistered units only carry a five-year warranty.

Coleman Products are the Future for Energy Efficiency

Coleman’s central air conditioners are among the best for saving you money on energy bills over time. Coleman’s central air conditioners are typically more efficient than lower-cost models. Some Coleman models, such as those in the Echelon series, have SEER ratings of up to 20. They’re quiet and incredibly efficient. All of Coleman air conditioners use R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant. The premium models are also Energy Star rated which means you can receive discounts and rebates from utilities and government programs.

Company Values

Johnson Controls have high company values they implement in every business and personal interaction. A few of the values Johnson Controls take seriously are:

  • Integrity: Honesty & Transparency, Honoring Commitments, High standards of Integrity
  • Purpose Led: Accountability to make the world a better place through solutions provided, engagement in society, how business is run, and commitment to protect people and environment
  • Customer Driven: Winning together as a team and delivering exceptional customer experiences and solutions.
  • Future Focused: Creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that drives solutions to current challenges while constantly looking towards what’s next.
  • One Team: Dedication to work collaboratively to create the purposeful solutions that propel the world forward.

Acting with integrity allows the high expectations of customers, partners, and communities to be met, and gives a competitive advantage. Doing business with integrity is the only way to do business. The commitment to help leverage a legacy of quality to further success is what makes business worthwhile.


The company’s central AC units are competitive and can make your home more comfortable, as well as save you money on energy bills for years to come.

We highly recommend Coleman products, and we cannot wait for you to enjoy the comfort and quality in your home.

Call us for a quote to install your new Coleman products today!

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